We Are Not Privy Series

Wax/Oil on Baltic Birch

2nd Solveig Stromsoe Palmer Memorial Award For Miller-Havens 2007 and 2014 National Association of Women Artists NYC

125th Anniversary Exhibit

Sylvia Wald and Po Kim Art Gallery

417 Lafayette Street
New York City, New York

October 3-30 Opening October 9th

Artist's Statement

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NAWA Award Page

Portrait of Carlton Fisk goes to Permanent Collection of The National Art Museum of Sport

National Art Museum of Sport

Artist's Statement

Pedro Jaime Martinez
“El Orgullo y la Determinación”
(Pride + Determination)

Perdo Signed Prints

Miller-Havens Portrait Of
Pedro J. Martinez
The Permanent Collection Of
The National Portrait Gallery
The Smithsonian Institution, Washington D.C.


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"My representation of the figure has been informed by studio life drawing and by a knowledge of anatomy and psychology gained through careers in surgical and psychological fields. I want the viewer to see what I have seen, to think about the person and their situation rather than let pure representational poses close down possibilities. To this end, the majority of my portraits are not frontal. Gestures, body language.... a moment in time are meant to remind the viewer of some of the subtleties in life. Placing the image in a space defined by color but void of background objects presses the viewer to focus on the person or his/her situation."

Susan Miller-Havens